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Our Products

Our experienced employees use our state-of-the-art production facilities to produce a broad spectrum of products: from simple stamping parts to complex assemblies and large auto body parts.

Stamping Parts

With our high-end production facilities, we cover a broad range from simple to very complex stamping parts, from relay contacts to oil trays.

Our stamping parts can serve various purposes; being mainly designed for the automotive industry, they are used in auto bodies, as sheeting and covering, in the power train or in the mechanics of car seats. With large versatility and flexibility, we also produce parts for the electrical industry and furniture industry. With modern feeding technology we produce parts with threads, pins or injection nuts.


Fine Blanking Parts

Our fine blanking parts are characterised by high precision and minimal tolerances and are mainly used in the automotive industry. This is where our production spectrum ranges from vehicle locking systems, to components for seat mechanics and roof locking systems for convertibles.


Forming Parts

With our Fluidcell press as well as with our conventional hydraulic forming presses, we produce large parts in small badges efficiently and cost-effectively. Our forming parts are mainly designed for auto bodies, produced in badges they are used as parts for buses or as covers for control or climate cabinets. The lower tool making costs of the Fluidcell press also enables us to produce prototypes, very small badges or spare parts, e.g. for vintage cars.

In our laser division we cut the formed parts according to customer specification; in doing so, we offer one-stop solutions without a need for a third party.


Laser Parts

With our long-standing experience, we are today able to serve our customers’ needs fast, efficiently and precisely. We offer individual solutions to all our customers, from crafts enterprises to high-end car manufacturers.

With state-of-the-art facilities we handle aluminium, copper, brass, stainless steel and steel in thin and thick sheets. Within the same division we bend laser parts and in cooperation with other divisions we can achieve a high in-house production depth - our customers receive one-stop solutions from very small to high-volume badges.


Electrical Sheets

With high-end production processes and the latest laser- and stamping-technology we produce electrical sheets, stator laminations, and pole laminations independent of badge size with highest quality and great flexibility.

In addition, our engineers develop versatile production processes and packet assembling in close cooperation with our customers, from prototyping to high-volume badges.



In small badge sizes we produces assemblies manually, in high-volume badge sizes with several 100,000 pieces per year, hereby using special machinery. Among others, we use laser welding technology, spot welding and projection welding. 


Certified according to:
IATF 16949
ISO 9001 - 2015
DIN ISO 14001


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